Why I Am a Horrible Father – Reason # 32 (AKA: A healthy smile is a beautiful smile.)

I’m driving home from a week long business trip, and I call my wife to see how things are. We talk for a little bit, and she tells me that she brought Jordan to the dentist while I was gone to get a consultation about braces. Jordan has been looking forward to getting them for some time now. 

Jenny decided to get Invisalign instead of braces. She explains to me all of the benefits of Invisalign, like they will fix Jordan’s teeth in a year, where braces take longer. She explains to me how Invisalign are created by taking a 3D scan of Jordan’s teeth, because she knows tech is kinda my thing, and I love to find out how things work. 

Now, I admit, by the tail end of the long drive home I was tired, and I didn’t bother to ask how much it cost. That’s when Jenny made the fatal mistake, because I’m not only a horrible father, but also a notorious cheap-ass:

“The nice thing Brian, is that even though they are more expensive than braces, they will be more comfortable for her when she’s cheerleading.”

Stop. The. Presses.

“Wait, what?  Why can’t we get regular braces if they’re cheaper?  Besides, I don’t see how they could be more comfortable during cheerleading, she’s not lifting anybody with her teeth, is she?”

“Brian, she gets knocked in the mouth all the time when she’s at cheerleading. You don’t want that to happen with braces, do you?  It will hurt less with the Invisalign”

I begrudgingly agreed. 

But I did read on the internet that some dude straightened his teeth by creating his own Invisalign-like teeth straightening system with nothing but a 3D printer and a can-do attitude. 

Now, if only I wasn’t too cheap to buy a 3D printer….so it looks like it’s Invisalign for Jordan. 


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