Why I Am A Horrible Father – Reason # 89 – (AKA: It’s the car, right?  Chicks love the car)

It’s Halloween, one of my favorite times of year.  I love everything about it.  Scary movies, scaring children, and most importantly, trick or treating.  I love to see the kids walking around in their costumes, and on more than one occasion, have dressed up and gone with them.

For my son’s first time trick-or-treating, we went shopping to look for a costume for a 10 month old. We found dragons, lions, and various other cutesy type costumes.  Then a couple weeks before halloween, we stumbled upon a Batman onesie, and bought it immediately.

I am a huge Batman fan, and I have been since I was a young boy. I even dressed as Batman on more than a couple halloweens. It was a special thrill for me that Logan was going to be Batman this year. 

The day before Halloween I had an idea. We knew we were going to be pushing him around in his stroller, so I figured why not make the stroller part of his costume!  Genius!  I am going to make the Batmobile.  How cool is that?

So, with nothing but an idea and a childish obsession,  I ran out to the store.  I ran through the aisles, grabbing supplies I thought I’d need.  I picked up some black spray paint, black duct tape, and four metal pie tins.  I spent the night spray painting a refrigerator box black so that it would be dry and odorless by morning. I had a rough idea of how this was going to work.  My wife thought I was crazy. 

“Why do you want to build the stroller into the batmobile?  Seems like a lot of effort for a 10 month old’s Halloween costume”, she asked

“Because it’s cool, and he loves it” (Translation: I’ve always wanted the Batmobile and one way or another, I’m finally gonna get it!). 

“I mean, look at how excited he is!”, I said pointing to him. 

He squints at Jenny, and fills his diaper. 

The actual construction of this thing took much longer than I had expected. It was like trying to assemble IKEA furniture, but with no instructions, and you had to cut the pieces yourself. But I was determined. With three kids dressed in their costumes waiting impatiently for dad to finish duct taping a cardboard box and pie tins to a stroller, I finally finished. I duct taped the Bat symbol to the side of it and away we went.

“Well, it does look cool, Brian”, Jenny said. “And now you finally have your Batmobile”



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