Why I Am A Horrible Father – Reason # 1031 – (AKA: Grab The Salt and Call the Winchester Boys)

One night the girls were downstairs watching TV when I get a text:

“Dad! Come quick! The TV is changing channels all by itself!”

“Sure it is.  You’re probably sitting on the remote.”

“No, I’m not! It’s ‘E’, I’m sure it’s ‘E’!”

The TV changes again, and I hear them run upstairs in a panic. The next morning, I find them both sleeping in Jordan’s room. 

My daughters have a ouija board that they bring out sometimes when they have sleepovers. Jenny told the kids that she didn’t want one in the house, but they wouldn’t listen. They have had it for over a year now, and are convinced the house is haunted by some entity named “E”.

A couple nights later, they were in the kitchen alone when they heard some spooky noises coming from the fridge. They didn’t even try to text me this time, they just ran back upstairs.  I laughed to myself, disconnected my iPad from the Bluetooth sound system on the fridge, rolled over and went to sleep. Silly children, they should have figured out long ago that the house is actually haunted by an entity named ME!


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