Why I Am A Horrible Father – Reason #1795 (AKA: Tequila probably won’t solve your problems, but it’s worth a shot)

During a recent road trip we visited Jenny’s brother Dave and her father.  We spent a couple of days there, visiting the nursing home where my father-in-law lives, and Jenny’s brother took us around the area. Unfortunately, this was towards the end of our trip, and the kids had enough of being with each other for so long. At this point bickering and annoyance with each other became their default state. 

The night before we were going to leave, we went out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  The server brings us our drinks, and hands Jenny her Margarita.  She then hands Dave a gigantic, punchbowl-sized Margarita.

“Dad”, Logan says, “Why is Uncle Dave’s drink so much bigger than Mom’s.”

“Well, buddy, I’m not exactly sure…but I think it’s got something to do with mom being a little more used to the way you three behave than Dave is.”


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