Why I Am A Horrible Father – Reason # 66 (AKA: The Dark Knight Advises)

A few years ago Brianna had a “boyfriend” and she wanted to meet him at the mall. Of course, instead of dropping her off I brought the entire family along.  Jenny and Jordan spent the time shopping, while Logan and I spent the time following Brianna, um, er, I mean “playing foosball in Sears”.

Logan and I saw them enter a store, totally by accident and through no covert action taken on our part.

I sent Logan in after them with his batman hoodie on, and told him to follow them around the store a little and say “Batman is watching you”. 

Instead, he walked up to them, looked the boy straight in the eyes and said: “Batman says no kissing”. 

After that, I got him a Dairy Queen Blizzard, because he earned it. 


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