Why I Am A Horrible Father – Reason #1701 – AKA: “Boy, that escalated quickly”


A couple of years ago we were living in an apartment. Brianna and Jordan had a friend sleep over.  Normally, they like to watch scary TV shows and movies. Our bedroom was next to the family room, and they would sometimes get too loud.

When they went into the kitchen to get some snacks, I snuck out of my bedroom, and down the hall to Logan’s room. That’s where I started formulating my plan.

After they sat back down in the family room, I took Logan’s Howdy Doody doll (it was my mother’s) and sat him up in the middle of the hallway. Soon, his friends Elmo and a couple other stuffed animals joined him, all sitting up and staring creepily into the family room.

I went back into Logan’s room and waited.

Soon after, it was time for their friend to head back to their apartment. While walking out, they noticed Howdy Doody sitting up in the hallway. They slowly realized that the rest of stuffed animals were not in the hallway when they walked into their room a few minutes before. Then they realized Logan was still sleeping, and could not have moved the toys into the hall. Naturally, that’s when they thought the apartment was haunted, and got Jordan.

As the three of them were looking down the hall, their voices sounding more and more panicked, one of them called out “If you’re a ghost make one of the stuffed animals move”. I waited. They called out again. Reaching for this hideous stuffed monkey that was on the floor, I tripped over some toys in Logan’s room, making some noise- surely I was caught! But no, that just fueled their panic. They called out one last time. I take the stuffed monkey and throw it out of Logan’s room and down the hall towards the terrified children. The kids freak out. Jenny wakes up and comes out of the bedroom. I hear the terrified panic in the kids voices. At this point, I stepped out of Logan’s room, letting them know it was me the whole time, and we all had a good laugh.

Well, I did anyway…





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